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Constructing Control Charts Training

This online training course describes the types of Control Charts used in monitoring and controlling a process, including Xbar-R, I-MR, P and NP, and U and C charts.  The course explains how to manually construct each chart by calculating control limits, seting zones and plotting data, and demonstrates how to create each chart type in Minitab.  In addition, the course discusses the guidelines for selecting the appropriate chart type and how to interpret chart results. 

Training materials include an audio-visual presentation with a competency assessment to confirm learning of key points.  A printable course certificate is available upon completion of the course.  Registration gives you immediate access to all online course materials for 30 days.

Key Topics

  • Xbar-R Charts
  • Xbar-R Charts in MINITAB
  • I-MR Charts
  • P Charts
  • NP Charts
  • C Charts
  • U Charts

Who will benefit from this course

  • Senior Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Operations
  • Statistics
  • Six Sigma Team Members
  • All Employees

Course Contents

  • Audio-visual presentation followed by a self-paced competency assessment.  Course completion survey and printable training certificate.


  • BMGI


  • $125.00

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